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As a leading technology company, we understand the importance of providing high quality and reliable technical support to our clients. No matter how sophisticated or simple your home technology is, you can rest assured that there are always ACS staff members ready to help you! Each family we work with is unique and expects different levels of response time and attention. Because of that, we created multiple service membership options to provide personalized support that is right for you and your Family. Each of our memberships come with different features and guaranteed response time. No matter which membership you select, we promise to deliver personal, first-class home automation services every time you need it.

ACS Care Performance Plans



Our Basic membership offers Remote Service and Support for all of your connected system devices.
Remote Service


Get extended service hours, 4-hour response time and 7 other benefits including streaming assistance.
Remote Service
Silver Priority Scheduling


Our best standard plan includes Saturday remote system support, complimentary on-site service hours, plus full system clean up and health checks twice a year.
Extended Remote Hours
2 System Health Visit
14 plan benefits

Price on Request

Our very best custom performance solution includes just about everything you need to keep your system running at peak performance. From 7/365 servicing to 20 system benefits, this is your premium All-In Plan.
Extended Remote Hours
4 System Health Visits
Complimentary equipment service
21 Plan Benefits
Download Plan


We strongly recommend our plans, but you can still access our fantastic service and support team for assistance. As a non-member, you'll be billed for the time for any help, whether we work remote or on-site.

What's Included

ACS Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday 8 AM - 6 PM excluding national holidays. After Hours remote and on-site support is available to all ACS customers Monday-Sunday 8 AM - 10 PM. Support between 10 PM and 8 AM is only available for plan members.

Non Member Support Rates:

Daytime Remote Support billed at $35 per 15 minutes
After Hours* Remote Support billed at $70 per 15 minutes
Daytime On-Site Support billed at $140 per hour
After Hours On-Site Support billed at $280 per hour


Our support team provides on-site annual review of your home technology to make sure you are getting the most from your system. From checking devices status to insuring all the equipment and systems are working properly. At the end the review, you receive a full report of any issues we find/fix and recommendations on available solutions.


Get pushed to the front of the line with our Priority Scheduling. Our Plus, Premium and VIP plans offer same or next day onsite scheduling to be there when you need us most.


With technology always changing our annual system updates ensure your home technology is always up to date. Our support team provides on-site annual visit to update all your equipment and software, making sure you always have access to the most current system functionality and features.


Stay ahead of the game with Preventative System monitoring. Our technology experts monitor and diagnose any issues with your system before you can notice there is one. From equipment failing to your internet going down Avidia has you covered with our preventative system monitoring.


We offer support anytime you need it. Our support team is available for extended service hours, for both remotely and if we need to go on site. Our best plan includes weekend hours as well.

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