Your Journey


This is where all client journeys begin. From the first phone call or visit, we listen first, then become the protectors of your vision.


As your vision begins to take shape, it moves into the design phase, which we call the “takeoff.” Our Design Team turns the vision into architectural reality.


Designs approved? You’re ready for implementation. ACS are the best in the field at delivering the vision: on time, on budget, and to perfection.


We manage your system so you can focus on enjoying your home. ACS Care ensures your systems performs wonderfully for years to come.

the process

Lots of firms can claim to have a process like ours. But here at ACS, we believe our process is successful because it’s fueled by core principles, not empty promises. The simple beliefs below further define our approach and commitment:


Integrating technology into your home can feel incredibly overwhelming. There are so many spaces to consider, a wild and wide range of products to choose from, and different approaches and price points among firms. etc. At ACS, we start slow, understanding that you only have a small thimble full of trust to give. We completely get it, and believe that it’s on us to grow that trust, building the relationship and earning your respect and faith in our work.


There’s a famous moment, when remodeling a home or building a new one, that you will have to choose all of the doorknobs. These doorknobs will be absolutely everywhere in your home… because you use doorknobs every single day! Suddenly, choosing a doorknob will seem like the most important decision of your life. The work we will do together can feel similar at times. But it is so much more rewarding, as the right technology plan truly does open new worlds within your home. Whether it’s the best in whole-home audio, smart lighting or home control, we’re ready for the “doorknob” moment. We present lots of choices, provide lots of guidance, and do it all with patience and respect.


We know that your goal is not to research long lists of technical equipment, study system requirements, or understand how it all works together. No — your goal is completion, to be in your beautiful home, enjoying your favorite cocktail, glass of wine, movie, or music in the perfect lighting and with total control. So at ACS, that is where we begin: by dreaming that dream with you. Seeing the completed vision, every day, in your home. Because when we keep our eyes trained on that vision, we can do anything.

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